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Operation Market Garden

Welcome! It’s our pleasure to announce a special event station in the Nijmegen region commemorating 75 years of freedom: PA75OMG.

The 5Øth anniversary had already been celebrated 2Ø years ago with the callsign PA6OMG.
The 7Øth anniversary had already been celebrated 5 years ago with the callsign PA70OMG.

Now we’re back again.

This special event station is made possible by several amateur radio operators from the region.
As part of Operation Market Garden paratroopers of the allied forces, such as American, British, Canadian, Polish and Dutch troops, landed in {the Nijmegen region} on september the 17th 1944 and the region would soon be liberated after four years of German occupation.
The region became a battlefield during Operation Market Garden and most of the inhabitants took refuge in the woods or neighbouring towns.
It took more then a week of heavy fighting before the region was truly liberated.
Many people and militairy were killed and buildings and bridges were destroyed.
At the cost of many young soldiers the important Waal-bridge in Nijmegen was conquered.
Let’s commemorate and celebrate 75 years of freedom.
The activities will take place from September the 12th to September the 22st.
During 1Ø days we will activate the callsign PA75OMG and try to work as many amateur radio operators across the world.
Whether you are an amateur radio operator hoping to contact a new country or a casual visitor, we welcome you to our website.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Groesbeek and Nijmegen,
be sure to visit us throughout the activities of the special event station.
We are situated at one of the exact landing grounds of the 82nd Airborne division. Our contact info is info@pa75omg.nl.
Also take the opportunity to visit the {National Liberation Museum}, only at 5 minutes driving distance.

calendar 1944/2019

13 sept
Starting point of the Special event station
This will be the first day of activities of special event station PA75OMG. We will start at exactly 10:00 UTC with our transmissions.
17 sept
“Operation Market Garden” started 75 years ago.
Waves of paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne division landed in the Nijmegen region.
The beginning of fierce battles to capture the important Nijmegen bridge.
20 sept
The crossing of the river Waal 75 years ago.
The Grenadier Guards captured the bridge across the river Waal and the 504th PIR in the early afternoon of 20th September after the 504th PIR crossed the river in canvas boats. At the time of the crossing however,
the northern approach of the bridge was still controlled by the Germans and it would last till about 19.00 hours before sergeant Peter Robinson’s troop of tanks crossed at first the bridge.
21 sept
Trying to link-up with Arnhem 75 years ago.
After capturing the Nijmegen bridge the next objective was to link-up with the landed troops in Arnhem who desperately tried to capture the John Frost bridge.
This link-up failed in the end because the Germans were too strong in the Betuwe area.
This was a bridge too far. The fightings near Beek, Groesbeek and Mook continued for some days, but the end of Operation Market Garden was a fact on september the 21st 1944.
22 sept
Last day of the operation of the special station.

Hoofd sponser PA75OMG.